Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Small Steps

Today is my first day back at school.  Summer Break is officially over for me.  My girls have a week left.  We've been busy, as we were all summer, doing what we do.  Karate and dance, orthodontist and doctor, haircuts, family games and school supply shopping.  The days have been flying.  There are a few new and different things in the mix, too, which have some of us exploring the outer edges of our comfort zone!

I am following along with Amanda's Facet+Plus Quilt-Along at This Mom Quilts.  I am not caught up, and I most likely won't ever manage to be, within the dates she has set for us.  I'm OK with that.  I just do what I can do.  I have to resign myself to that attitude about most things this time of year, and if I accept that, I find I'm much happier!  I will be sad to see the finished quilts at the end and know that mine is not among them, but, I know I'll get there eventually.  These fabrics are too pretty to leave sitting around for too long!

Despite not keeping the deadlines, I am finding that I really like the QAL format.  I've never done one before, but I will again!   Focusing on just the cutting, or just the first step helps me to keep from getting overwhelmed.  But I suppose that's why QAL's are so popular!

I am only able to devote an hour at a time, maybe three or four days a week to sewing these days, so progress is slow, but it's steady!

It's been fun to watch these blocks grow.

The coloring page has been an absolute necessity, particularly since I am using three different color groupings! Thanks, Amanda, for providing it!   I have had to put sections up on my make-shift design wall in small groups in order to make sure I have everything in the right place

Luckily, when I put the last part up there, I had exactly the right combination of colors and block orientations!  Whew!

I've sewn a double line on the diagonal so I have lots of bonus HST's!!
I am hoping to start step two, which is the same as step one, but with the lighter colors where the darker colors are now, for some Friday night sewing.  But, there's still school clothes shopping to do, and I fear that might win!  Amanda's schedule has us piecing the quilt top on Monday.  I look forward to checking out the #fandpQAL posts on Instagram to see what everyone else did.

I will keep plugging away, making small steps toward what I think is going to be a real beauty of a quilt top!

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One last thing.  Both of my girls and I are doing a community theater production of The Music Man.  I'll share details as we go along,  but for now, Oh Boy!  What have I gotten myself into?!


  1. Go you can.Love your fabric combo.Next month is our back to school.Nice to meet you.I was lukeing your block and love it.

  2. I loved seeing your progress...I am ready for step 2 as well, and you have far more going on in your busy life, so no discouragement. I am only making a 2 color, but the coloring page is invaluable, I agree. It will be fun to see all the variety at the end!

  3. This is very lovely! Great color combo.

  4. You are one busy mom, Tami! I do enjoy QAL too, but I haven't seen this one. I think it's good to be upfront with yourself from the beginning to say your time is limited and you'll work on the project when you can. I like having something in-progress to go to when I have some spare time, as I'm sure you do! Music Man was the first musical I was in (waaaay back in the 70's)...what great memories you stirred up! Many wishes for a successful school year for you!

  5. I had not heard of this QAL, nope I can't take on anything else at this point. Fall craft shows are too close for me to wander!! It will be fun to see your progression on this. Pretty colors:-)

  6. love your project!

    thanks so much for linking up!

  7. I'm slowly plugging away at the Snowflake Shimmer quilt along. I like the fabrics you are using for the facets. They are quite pretty.

  8. You're back! I figured that you and the girls were busy with end of summer activities. Love the way you are using Whisper fabric line. This is going to be a very pretty quilt. No matter if you aren't done exactly on time. You'll get there. I also did my first QAL this year and I loved having the steps all broken out - very easy to do each section and then the quilt is done!!

    Music Man?? You are going to be so crazy busy!

  9. Hi Tami! Your quilt is coming along so nicely! I planned on doing Cheryl's Mystery QAL and Yvonne's QAL. Put the button on my blog, committed on their respective blogs and then my time totally got swallowed up by work. I returned to work from a 1 year maternity leave and was very optimistic about what I could accomplish. I feel as though I am floundering around and not giving my all to any area of my life so I decided not to even start the other QALs. I am completely honored that you chose to work on my QAL. It has been a wonderful experience so far!

    I think I am a no-reply blogger but will check back on your blog if you happen to reply! Happy theatre rehersals :)

  10. Oh how pretty! I love the idea of a colouring in page so you can try out different colour combinations before you really go for it, that must have been so much fun!

  11. Love your fabrics and organization! Progress is progress no matter how slow! Great job!