Friday, August 05, 2016

Five Things To Be Happy About (#8)

Oh, August.  Such mixed feelings I have about you!  Am I saddened by the rush of days that will soon bring an end to our summer routine, or sweetly anticipating the shift in the weather and the promise of new adventures?  August is, I think, the embodiment of the word bittersweet.  And I can never decide how I feel about it.

Maybe it was just that August melancholy that kept me from getting this post up earlier in the day.  I tried, this morning, to write it, but the words wouldn't come.  I typed, deleted, tried again, stopped, started...and eventually gave up.  I wasn't feeling the happy, and couldn't force it.

The whole day has been a bit like that.  One step forward, two steps back.  But, I have been able to remind myself that the good things remain, even when they are hard to see.

Here are some things that have soothed my anxious soul this week...

Listening to "maker" podcasts as I've worked in the sewing room. Hearing these conversations have made me feel connected to the work I'm doing and to the community we share.  I have smiled and laughed and nodded in agreement more times than I can count.

Observing my daughters together.  The younger one got up early this morning (6am!) to go running with the older one.  It was a quick run, but they came back laughing and high fiving.  This week they've worked on their 4-H record books together, played games and shared late night snacks. They have seldom been grumpy with each other.  There is so. much. love.  I am blessed.

Using and enjoying what we've grown in the garden.  We haven't always been good about this, but this year we are  making an effort. Lots of fresh stUff in our meals this week, and, tomorrow I will attempt to make pickles!!!  Yikes!

And, a few pictures (because, fabric & doughnuts!):

Getting ready to start piecing on the Facet Plus QAL.  Aren't they sooooo pretty?  I realized I was a bit short on one of the fabrics, plus, I just really wanted more, so during karate class on Tuesday, I ordered more!  Love technology!

And my happy mail came today!  Sheryl at BrewStitched is so quick and my fabric was packaged so nicely.  Happy, happy for sure!! 

And who can resist a doughnut and coffee.  It makes you happy - the cup says so!!!
I hope your happy was easy to find this week.  Pop over to Gypsy Moon Quilt Co.  and see what everyone else is smiling about!  It's contagious,  it really is!


  1. I am so glad that you pushed through your melancholy mood and found some positive. Prayers that next week is better. Blessings, Melva

  2. Tami, I know *exactly* how you feel about August and its melancholy feeling. My reasoning for it stems from teaching school and knowing that the free-style days of summer are soon over. The mind has to switch back to schedules and lesson plans. I often thought of the beginning of the school year as jumping off the high dive and taking a 9-month swim to the pool's edge. I've ordered from BrewStitched before too and was sooo happy with my purchase. She's a sweetie! Enjoy your "freestyle" days of August that are left and remember you are doing such a great job with God's plan for you...raising kids and teaching kids!

  3. August is the same for me. You expressed it well. I love summer and the relaxed days that come with it. On the other hand, the school year brings structure back into the house and fall is such a sweet season. I suppose that is why it is best to try to stay in the moment and enjoy the season for as long as it lasts.

    How did the pickles turn out? Dill or sweet? Ray just made bread and butter pickles last weekend and they are so yummy.

  4. There are plenty of things to be happy about there! Moods - sometimes all it takes is a little time and we're back to cheerful and normal again. Glad to see you came out of yours and posted

  5. Bittersweet indeed! When August comes, it seems as though Summer is disappearing way too quickly - and it feels like we missed out on so much. But secretly, I'm so excited about Fall coming that I don't let it bother me too much, haha. We were pleasantly surprised to find out my daughter will be starting the school year here in Vancouver in late September as opposed to August like we were used to in the US... so I feel like we're able to hold onto Summer a little longer! 😀 I loved all your happy things! Interested to hear how your pickles turned out! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week!