Thursday, October 20, 2016

Back to Blogging

I am finally back, after a month away!  What a month it's been!  My time has been mostly consumed by rehearsals, costume construction,  miscellaneous preperations and two weekends of performances!  My girls and I had a fantastic time sharing the stage in a local production of The Music Man!  New experiences were had, good friends and fabulous memories were made.

My youngest daughter, in particular, is all set to do it again next fall, and I hope she does, but, for my self, I'm not so sure.

I love these two so much.  One of the teensemble in the show snapped this back stage picture and sent it to me.  Not great quality, but it shows all the love and goofiness they share.

I loved the experience, and being back on stage for the first time since high school felt good...but I realized how much I value my time!  It's hard to give up weeknights, Sundays and two "show" weekends!  Not much, err...NO sewing (except for costume construction) has been done in the last month.  And that makes me sad.

I had high hopes that I'd get back in the sewing room as soon as the play was done, but instead, I've spent my evenings this week at 4-H meetings, choir concerts, basketball practice and a much needed and well deserved outing with my co-workers..  But that's OK.  My girls had to put their regular activities on hold for the play, too, and we all need to get back into our routines.  We have a day off of school on Friday, (ooooh, I am so ready!!!) and I have some quilty plans!

The universe seems to be sending me little signs that it's time to get back to my sewing machine too! Or, maybe it's just the position office. I've received fabric in the mail twice in the last week!!!  How fun is that??  One package arrived from the west coast, and the other from the east coast!  Perfect!

The first package contained a Patchwork Christmas Table Runner Kit from Jordan Fabrics in Grant's Pass, Oregon.  I must confess, when it arrived, I was a bit confused.  I hadn't ordered anything (too busy for even THAT!!).  It wasn't until I opened it that I remembered I'd won a giveaway hosted by  Kathy at Sparkles, Sprinkles and Everyday Crap!    I love Kathy's blog, and I ALWAYS enjoy exchanging emails with her after one of us comments on the other's blog.  She makes me laugh, and I appreciate her candor.  I know for certain we would be great quilting buddies if we lived close together!

I think that this table runner will be a gift for my mom.  I've never worked with a kit before, but the idea of having everything measured and cut is VERY appealing.  Sounds like the perfect way to get back into the swing of things!!!  There are A LOT of options for runners at the Jordan Fabrics site. Take a look. I'll bet you'll find something perfect for someone on your holiday making list!  And, with the hard stuff done, you can finish one before Christmas!

Thanks Jordan Fabrics, and Thanks, Kathy!!

From the east coast, came another package, that once again had me scratching my head at first!  I guess the benefit of being toon busy to remember the details is that sometimes you end up with fun surprises!!

Back in early September, I signed up for another Book Exchange, organized by Bernie at Needle and Foot.  Bernie is another blogger that I feel a real connection to.  She is generous, kind and so very encouraging to other bloggers and sewists.  She is ALL about making connections.  She hosts Book Exchanges, in which she selects a book, reads it, and sends it to another quilter.  She includes a few fat-quarters that relate in someway to the book.  The second quilter reads, choses fabric, and sends it along to the next person on the list.  I participated in the first Exchange this summer, and I'm excited to announce that my second book arrived today!  Gloria, who lives in North Carolina, sent me a collection of GORGEOUS fabrics along with The Double Bind, by Chris Bohjalian.  I read the first few pages last night, waiting for the choir concert to start, and a few more today in my lunch break.  I'm already hooked!

Oh my, it feels good to be back here in this blogging space!  Now I just need to get some fabric in my hands!  Stay tuned!