Monday, August 08, 2016

Quick and Easy Sweatshirt Blanket

I spent a few hours last week making a surprise for the recipient of the t-shirt quilt I shared recently.  When she gave me her t-shirts, she included several items I couldn't use due to their weight or the type of fabric.  I knew I wanted to do something with them, though.  I decided I'd use the  sweatpants, hoodie and flannel pajama bottoms to make a lap sized blanket.

Shhh!  My assistant wanted me to crop her out.  But she's just too cute! 

It came together really easily!  I just cut the largest sized rectangle that I could get out of each item of clothing, centering the logos.  I cut rectangles from spots with no logo, too .  Then, I laid them out, trimming and rearranging until I had something that worked.

When the blocks were together, I spray basted the top to a yard of snuggle fleece.  A little bit of stitching in the ditch holds the front and back together, permanently.   I finished it off by bringing the edge of the fleece around to the front, turning it under once, then stitching with a running stitch.

Binding clips = no pins in the carpet!!

  I am so pleased with the way the binding looks!

My favorite feature, though, is the pocket from the front of a Hoodie that I included at the top.  It's placed in exactly the right spot for the user of the blanket to tuck her hands into in chilly weather.

This is NOT the recipient of the quilt.  Just my cute assistant, again.

If Hailey  decides not to take this blanket to school with her this fall, I know her mom will put it to good use.  It's perfect for snuggling under by the fire, watching football games on chilly Friday nights, or just to cuddle with while reading  (and, I'm sure, missing her oldest child).  

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Have a fantastic week, quilty friends!


  1. Oh, the pockets are just perfect! I've never thought about making a sweatshirt quilt. What a great idea!

  2. The pockets are a perfect details! I am sure the quilt will be well loved. :)

  3. How sweet this is! It was so thoughtful to make something with the left over item.
    So many link ups! Go look at the list on my home page, under link ups. But for sure, link on Friday to Can I Get a Whoop Whoop and today at Freemotion by the River for her Tuesday link up. Both of those are listed. And TGIFF this week is at Quilting is more FunThan Housework on Friday. Link there too,

  4. Very clever!! And Bernie's got the links covered pretty well. :)

  5. How cute to use the pocket like that! I'm thinking about my first t-shirt quilt and if I end up with some sweatshirt material I will remember this idea. Thanks for sharing.