Monday, April 11, 2016

Quarter 2 FAL Goals

I have decided to join the Finish Along Link up hosted at A Quilter's Table, and 8 other places around the Internet.  They have just opened the link up for the second quarter of the year.  This is my first time joining in.    So many quilty bloggers seem to be keeping themselves on track each quarter,  and having fun,  that I thought I'd give it a try!

So,  here are the things I want to finish by July 7.

1.  T-SHIRT QUILT. This will be a new experience for me,  but I'm looking forward to it.   It's for a friend's daughter,  but my own girls have plenty of t-shirts, so I figure I should start perfecting the process now.   And if it goes well,  I have two more people interested.  Needs to be done by July 25, so perfect for the FAL.
A very small sampling of the graduate's many show t- shirts.

2. LEADER AND ENDER HST QUILT  This was the first time I used a charm pack,  and the first time I tried used the leader/ender method.  I loved it!   The colors are going to be perfect in our living room. I'm looking forward to getting rid of some of the assorted fleece blankets that congregate there and finally replacing them with a quilt.   I need to press,  trim and decide on a layout.   Should be fun!

These big HST's have been waiting forever to be pressed,  trimmed and pieced into a top. 
3. LITTLE LETTERS IN DOTS. If all goes well,  these little cuties will be my county fair entry this year.   They make me so happy. Can't wait to see them as a completed top.   I haven't decided how to set them,  yet.   Should I use the same Irish chain setting I used on AJ's quilt or try something new? Hmmmm.
These were a lot of fun to piece. What a happy little quilt it's going to be!

4. 241 BAG. I have wanted a new purse/tote for myself for the longest time.  I really just need to bite the bullet and make the first cut.  Well,  choosing a weight of interfacing would be good too..
What am I so afraid of???
5. FLANNEL RECEIVING BLANKET. I feel a little guilty even putting this on the list. At most,  it's a 90 minute project.  I just need to sit down and get to it, some day.   But,  baby has not been born yet,  so I keep putting it off.   It's so simple that it seems out of place among my other projects,  but,  I just read somewhere that every list should have one item that can be completed and crossed off quickly to give a immediate sense of accomplishment. this is it!
Cute, and quick! 

  Also on my list for this quarter but not part of the FAL:  shortening those darn pants and working on round robin quilts (border #1 & 3 on my pen pal's quilt, and border # 2 on mine after I get it back from her.)

This seems like a lot!   I know my typical pace,  and I know how life has a way of messing with my to do lists.  I'm sure I'll be rolling some of these over to next quarter,  but I am hoping that the FAL motivates me to keep moving all of these things toward the finish line!

I am linking up with the FAL at A Quilter's Table, and I'm very excited about that!!!

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