Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break Sewing

SUBTITLE: The Quick, The Fun & The Slightly Scary

We are on Spring Break! After 8 months filled with way more travel than we are accustomed to (road trip to Tennessee,  Disney Cruise and Mexico) ,  I am excited to have a staycation for the next week!  We have a few things planned, like doctor appointments and museum visits, but I'm really looking forward to being home, getting through A LONG list of overdue tasks, and SEWING!

Today, I focused on the most needed and ovedue...getting the sewing room back under control.  Since November  (judging by scraps, receipts and unfinished projects I found while excavating today) things have been piled, shoved, dumped and forgotten in there.  I've continued to sew and create, but the useable space had shrunken to a very small area around the sewing machine, and it had become hard to find what I needed.   I really don't know why I let it get this way. I took some "before" photos, but I'm too embarrassed to show them!  You'll just have to imagine your own sewing area at its worst, then multiply by 42.

It took a few hours, but I managed to de clutter a lot of areas, and tidy up work surfaces enough so that I can function without frustration in there again. As I went, I snapped some pictures of the projects I want to finish or move forward this week. Here they are, mostly for my own accountability.

Here's another habit of mine I really don't understand.  I leave projects unfinished for days, weeks, months, even, when they really only need a few minutes worth of work to be finished.  Why do I do that?

This quilt label has been fused down,
 waiting to be stitched, for about a month.  Shameful

This zipper pouch has been finished for two
weeks - except for zigzag stitching over the side seams.  Really?   Who does that? 

My soon to be Black Belt daughter earned these patches
for her karate uniform in January. Bad mom.  Bad. 

I am going to make sure I dedicate plenty of time this week to some projects I have been looking forward to!  Some special things for two other people (giving is the best part of quilting) and something for me!

A pieced top, backing, and fabric for the binding.
This will be a baby quilt for my niece's soon to arrive
Baby girl.  I'd really like to have it done before she arrives,

These flannels will be a quick receiving blanket, also for
baby Emma.  Notice the owl theme?

Here's just a peek at the center medallion  of my quilty pen pal's
Round Robin quilt.  The black behind it will be a thin border, then
I'm adding my own touch to it.  I need to send it back to her by the end of
April.  Lots of measuring, drafting, figuring and sewing to do!

And, for me!  Fabrics and pattern have been chosen for a long-awaited
tote bag/purse.  These colors make me happy.  The cute HeXi print will line the pockets.
I will be using Noodlehead's 241 Tote pattern.  It's already downloaded and printed !

THE (slightly) SCARY:
Not too frightening,  but definitely out of my comfort zone!  Garment sewing, even alterations like these makes me a little nervous.  Especially when it's fancy and for someone else.

This could fit in the first category,  too.
These two pair of pants have been pinned
And ready for shortening for...umm, a really, really long time.
It will probably take longerror to write about them than to hem them.  

It's hard to tell, but this is a really beautiful prom
dress that I've offered to shorten for a friend's daughter.
This friend has been very helpful to me, and they were in a bind...what can I say?
Wish me luck!  There are layers and layers of tulle! 

And, the non sewing!  Yes, I plan to do some non-sewing fun stuff this week, too!
This is a friend's copy, and I'm one of many on the list wanting to borrow
it from her.  It is of local interest, and everyone here is talking about it!  Can't wait to join them!


I am happy to say that in between taking the pictures and writing this post, two of the quick projects have been completed! A promising start!

So, do you put off little finishes for no good reason, or get sweaty palms at the idea of hems?  Somebody tell me I'm not alone!

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  1. I used to do a lot of clothing construction. Now I mostly wear jeans and the granddaughters all moved away. Besides quilts take most of my sewing time now. It is very easy to have the 'sewing' room get cluttered. I'm glad you can't see the card table in my room. Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings, Gretchen