Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Progress and a Win!

We are halfway through our Spring Break, and I'm happy to say I've made good progress on the goals I set here.  My daughter is proudly wearing her karate patches, the zipper pouch has been finished, and the Little Letters quilt is done, label and all!  It came out of the dryer all crinkly and soft and wonderful!  I can't wait to gift it and get a picture of its young owner enjoying it. Hopefully very soon.
Coffee and quilty goodness.  Perfect for a rainy afternoon!
Check out those vintage self threading needles.  They were in a box of sewing things
a friend gave me when her mom moved into assisted living.  They are wonderful!  They
don't shred my thread like the ones I bought recently.

The owl baby quilt has gone together with amazing speed this week!  Its quilted, and I have been spending odd, short stretches of time sinking threads.  There is a chance it will be bound before school starts on Monday!!!

The most challenging of the tasks I've accomplished has been shortening that beautiful prom gown.  What a learning experience that was!  Garment sewing is not my favorite thing, and it is VERY nerve wracking cutting into someone else's beautiful and expensive dress.  There were two layers of organza  (or something), two layers of a stiff crinoline type netting, and 4 layers of fine tulle that all needed measuring, and cutting.  The tulle and netting did not get hemmed, thank goodness, but oh my was it a challenge to cut that stuff evenly.  The other two layers were easier to cut, but time consuming to hem.  The skirt was nearly 200 inches around the bottom!  Holy cow that's a LOT of fabric! It was a challenge just to maneuver it on my sewing table!  I practiced a new technique -couching over a cord and then turning up at the couched line - for the top layer and was very pleased with the way it came out.  I spent the better part of Easter afternoon and evening in my sewing room working on this dress, but, the young lady was very pleased with it, so it's all good.  Plus, I had a steady supply of Easter candy (no chocolate near the dress!) and sewing podcasts to keep me company.

Truly, this Spring Break has been just the right combination of productivity and relaxation and fun and games with my girls, so far.  I've had opportunities to just slow down and enjoy them, and our time together.  I keep thinking, "My heart is just so FULL!"

And to top it all off, today I got an e-mail letting me know that I was chosen as the WINNER of a giveaway on Bernie's blog, Needle and Foot.  How exciting is that???  What a treat! I will be receiving four lovely fat quarters provided by BrewStitched.  
This is the photo Bernie shared.  Aren't these just so pretty and spring like???  That blue!!!
There are some really wonderful fabrics available at BrewStitched.  I'm
going to treat myself to a few things, in appreciation of the giveaway.  Can't wait to show them when they all arrive! This is the first giveaway I've won, and it's just so much fun.

I hope spring is finding you, where ever you are, and that you are finding joy in surprising places!

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  1. Major kudos for tackling a prom gown! I've declined all the fancy gowns and dresses people have asked me to alter because they can be tricky. Best left to the pros, I say. Congrats on the fabric win! And I hope you're having fun in WB today! Love visiting there. Just order something deep-fried, wherever you go, and you should be good, LOL!

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  3. First of all, reading this line made me so happy! " I keep thinking, "My heart is just so FULL!" " I know that feeling and it is such a pure joy. You expressed it well.

    Congrats on the prom dress success. I bet that was somewhat nervewracking!

    Looking forward to see what you make with the Whisper fat quarters. It is lovely fabric! Enjoy them. :-)