Wednesday, April 06, 2016

New Fabric!

New fabric!  Isn't that one of the best phrases in the English language?  I'm not much of a stash builder.  I try hard not to buy fabric as my mom did when I was growing up.  She very often bought a yard or two "just to have it."  Those words are ingrained in my brain, and there was a time, in my teens when I found her habit annoying and senseless (which was probably the case for most of what she did).  For this reason, probably, I try to avoid purchasing fabric that I don't have an immediate need for.

I try to buy for a purpose, and stash the left overs.  But sometimes things happen.   It's been happening a lot, these last few weeks, and I LOVE it!

Such pretty packaging from BrewStitched.  And it arrived so quickly!

I was thrilled, last week, to win a give away offered by Bernie of Needle and Foot.  I won a selection of fat quarters provided by Sheryl of BrewStitched!  I enter  giveaways from time to time, but have never won, and let me tell you, it made my week!  So fun, and what a treat to receive some lovely fabrics in the mail.
These are the four provided by Sheryl.  Aren't they pretty?
As soon as I heard that I won, I popped over to BrewStitched to say thanks, and couldn't resist being a few treats for myself.  Cheryl was able to send all of my new lovelies together.  They came beautifully packaged and she processed my order really, really quickly!  Like, almost immediately!

I need to work on fabric photo shoots...
I am really excited about the Art Gallery print on the bottom.  Aqua and navy is one of my favorite color combinations, lately.  The selvage says, "Feel the difference," and, BOY! can you ever!  So soft and rich feeling.  I don't have any firm plans for any of these, and that's kind of exciting. So many possibilities

The cream with gold metallic pattern (second from the top) was a recent on-line purchase with a plan. It's secret sewing so I'm not going to reveal the plan, yet.  The others in this stack were either discovered during the quest to find and purchase that fabric, or ordered WITH that fabric to qualify for free shipping.  You do that, too, right?  Isn't it better to pay for more fabric to use, than to pay more to be sent less fabric?  That's logical, right?

I really like this.  It just makes me happy.  I think it works on its own in large pieces or cut up as a low volume.

And when you can achieve free shipping with something this cute, well, why not?  I have a graduation quilt on a very near future to do list.  This will find its happy place there.

Oh, it's fun to build a stash. "Just to have it!"

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