Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Year, New Space

Let me be the last person in the Quilt Blog  Universe to say, "Happy New Year!"  Time has flown and 2017 is already more than two weeks old!  The short holiday break was full of the usual get-togethers and traditions for my little family.  But, it was also a busy time full of working on a very special project - my new sewing space!

I have had plans and ideas for a lovely new sewing room swimming in my brain forever.  Last Christmas, my husband gave me a gift card to cover the cost of paint and some other items I had said I wanted to add to the space. (Romantic, huh?)   A full year went by, and we never set aside time to clear the room and paint!  How does that happen?  Busy kids, busy lives, I guess.  In August, I got serious about purging and boxing up fabric.  But, that means that since August, I haven't had access to much of my stuff, AND, we've been living with a growing pile of boxes and bins in our bedroom!  It was time to REALLY make some changes.

I stayed up late on December 25th and 26th completely clearing the room, organizing non-sewing craft supplies on new shelves in the closet, and taking down existing shelves and fixtures.

I love this closet, now.  The girls and I can find exactly what we need, and it's pretty simple to put thingsome back where we found them.

On the 27th, while my girls and I shopped (it was a "Sister Day", so I had to remain several paces behind them.  Oh, and drive them to the mall and pay for everything!) my husband painted the room!  Yaaaay!  It was really happening!
My first thought was, "Ummmm, that's a LOT of blue..."

Over the next week, we completed several projects.  Well, he completed them for me, really.  He's a good guy. like that.  I now have a peg board, a design wall, and a wall full of bookshelves.  We cleaned up the table that we bought 17 years ago as our kitchen table for our first house.  We used it until a few years ago, in fact, and I can't believe how SMALL it is!  How did we manage to feed two kids and us at that table?  But, it's perfect and cute in my new space!

My youngest daughter and I spent many, many lovely hours folding and organizing fabric.  She LOVES color, and she had a blast organizing the stacks of neatly folded fabric and filling the scrap baskets.  She told me several times how much fun it was to work in the room with me.  I loved every minute of it.

Possibly my favorite part of the room.  I just love the fun and functionality of tiPhil peg board!

So, the construction of the design was almost a deal breaker.  Amazing how different the process in MY head was than in the engineering brain of my husbandaughter.  But, it was worth it!!!  

There are a few areas that still need work. But, I imagine the space will evolve and change as we settle in and get back to the business of creating.  For now, I'm enjoying a little thrill every time I walk in to the room.  I have spent some small stretches of time sewing over the last few days.  The new arrangement of the room and the placement of all my supplies seems to be working out very well.  I can't wait to see what I make in this space this year!


  1. What a beautiful space! I'm so glad it has come together for you and I hope you enjoy lots of time being creative in it this year. :)

  2. A wonderful sewing studio! A great room to get inspired =)

  3. Congrats on your new space. Enjoy!

  4. Congrats on your new sewing space! I love the color of the walls with all the nice white furniture. My family would have to drag me out of that room every night.

  5. Tami, your new sewing room looks fabulous! How exciting it is to have your own space to be creative and spread our your "stash"! The wall color is perfect and so is your table, along with the book shelves! I'm looking forward to what you make in 2017.