Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Hearts, Plans and a Package

Oh my.  Here it is, July 7 already.  Our 4th of July weekend spilled over until Tuesday as my oldest daughter had another day of performances at Summerfest, and we made a family affair of it.  Yesterday was a catch up/get ahead day, filled with stuff that didn't get done on the weekend,  and today is busy, because in just a few hours, youngest and I set off tomorrow for a couple days at the Mall of America with a friend of hers! Oh, and then I drop the oldest off at band camp, 150 miles away, on Sunday!  Busy, busy!  So, today's post is a bit of a catch-all. Between trips this weekend, I will prepare a post for my stop on the New Blogger's Hop.  My day is Monday!   (Good Lord, now I feel completely overwhelmed!)

OK.  Deep breath, one step at a time!

Above are the hearts that my daughter and I have made to contribute to the #QuiltsforPulse block drive.  These blocks, and TONS of others, sent from across the world, will be made into quilts by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild and given to those affected by the nightclub shooting there, last month.  I am planning to bring our couny to 12 by making more hearts from the rainbow fabric and the great "love" text print below.  The text print was given out to 100 sewists interested in making blocks for this great cause by Marcus Fabrics.  It just arrived, so as soon as I have a free half hour, I will make my last blocks, and send them off!

I would have loved to contribute a finished top, or even a completed quilt.  But, this is what I can do right now, and giving something is always better than doing nothing.  If you want to have your heart lifted AND revel in some quilty goodness check out #quiltsforpulse on Instagram.  Ahhh.Mazing!

Are you a fan of Quilt Alongs?  I have never participated in one, but that's about to change.  While working with Bernie on our SewAlong with the 241Bag pattern, I found that I really liked having a partner in the process.  It's great for accountability, it's motivating to have someone to share the process with, and it's just really fun!

So, I've decided to try my first Quilt Along!  Amanda at This Mom Quilts has just started a Quilt Along with her pattern,  Facet + Plus.  It's such an elegant modern design, and it really appealed to me.  I think the timing will work well for me. too, so it's time to jump in!

So far, Amanda has shared the fabric requirements for baby and lap sized quilt layouts.  I need to do a little thinking and planning.   My stash is lacking "large" cuts  - most of my stash fat quarters or smaller, unless I purchased something for a particular project.  I really don't want to buy anything new, as I will be reorganizing my sewing room soon, and just don't want MORE fabric to deal with....right now.  So, I am going to print Amanda's coloring page and get a bit creative with color placement.

These colors are speaking to me, but I have some thinking to do before the next step of the QAL.  Check out Amanda's first post, and let me know if you plan to join in!  I look forward to seeing how all these quilts come out!

And lastly, but Oh-so-not-least...  I got quilty mail!!  My fantastic pen pal Rose sent me a parcel packed with SO much fun and love!  Just look at all this!!!

The most anticipated item in this box was my block for the round robin exchange that Rose and I are doing together.

I made the center, up to the first navy border, and Rose added on the beautiful outer borders.  Aren't those little birds just adorable?  Now, of course, I have some serious work to do, designing my next round.  I hope to have it back in the mail on its way to Rose by mid-August.  But, she and I are both busy moms, and since it's just the two of us, we can afford each other some grace when setting our "due dates".

I hope to get in a quick Five Things To Be Happy About post from the road on Friday, because, truely, there is SO much to celebrate in this summer time life.  Be sure to check back on Monday for my BIG post on the New  Bloggers Hop.

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  1. Hi Tami, you have many pretty things on your work table. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. I have just prepared my Finish-A-Long 3Q FAL list and find my to-do list ever growing too =)