Friday, July 08, 2016

Five Things To Be Happy About Friday (#4 The Road Episode)

My daughter and I are on a short jaunt to the Mall of America with some friends!  So, this is a picture free list for me.  I'm grabbing a few minutes to post before we shop til we drop...again!

Here's my Five Things Friday list for the week...

1.  Road trips (with kids) that go off with out a hitch!
2.  Poolside mojitos (in plastic cups) while the kids swim in the hotel pool.
3.  Big fluffy hotel pillows and comforter...and a bed to myself!
4.  Friends that don't bat an eye when it's time to do respiratory treatments in the hotel and hop on the bed with you to feel the shakiness of your vest.  (My daughter has cystic fibrosis and treatments and meds are a must no matter where we are. We are (learning to) take it in stride).
5.  Knowing that there's a quilt near completion waiting for me at home, and having a plan for the next one swimming happily in my brain.

What's making you happy this week?  Link up with Amanda at Gypsy Moon Quilt Co and share in the fun!  Be sure to visit some of the other participants to see what they're smiling about, too!

Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing your happy things, Tami! Your list makes me want to plan a road trip... I'd never get a bed to myself though (but a girl can always dream)! Happy Friday - have a lovely weekend and try to stay cool on your shopping adventure!

  2. That's a great list Tami. My mom and I still go on a road trip together every year. Dad stays behind and watches the dogs and plays bachelor.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great trip! Fluffy pillows... mmmm!

  4. Sounds like you're having a fun few days away! There's something for everyone at Mall of America. I'm not too surprised that even though you are on a vacation, your quilting is still on your mind. Did you take any hand-stitching with you?

  5. Enjoy your vacation with the kids and friends. The stuff fantastic memories are made of. And Mojitos by the hotel pool! What's better than that?