Monday, December 05, 2016

Blogging Challenge Day Four

Today is my 4th consecutive  day posting as part of The 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  Admittedly,  There isn't really anything sewing or quilting related in this post.

Now, this is supposed to be a sewing and quilting blog, so, to keep things in the up and up, I took a picture of the subject of this post with something quilty.  does that count?

This quilt block is one of a handful that I have, hand-pieced by one of my grandmothers.
An heirloom, for sure.

While we were on our road trip to St. Louis last month, I became slightly addicted to biscuits.  You now, the simple baking soda busicuits, like the ones McDonald's uses in their sausage busicuits with egg? That's the ONLY thing I will eat at McDonalds, because I love those busicuits.  Well, I had one for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on our first morning.  Then, each day following, I had one or two from the hotel's breakfast buffet.  They are just so good.  especially when warm and slathered with just enough butter.

I was delighted when I found a set of busicuit cutters in the Arch Gift Shop, along with my other goodies!  My youngest daughter was pretty excited, too, as baking is her thing.

We decided to give them a whirl this past weekend, trying out the buttermilk busicuits recipe that was attached to the set.  She did all the measuring, most of the mixing and all of the cutting.  She aspires to own a bakery someday, and it would not surprise me if she succeeds!

I think we need to tweak our recipe a bit, as the busicuits were a bit dense and flat, a tad too salty.  They were delicious, even so (I had three!!) and paired perfectly with homemade chicken noodle soup for our first-snowfall-of-the-season dinner last night.

I hope you have lots of good things to eat, and lots of time to sew!


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