Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Little Bit at a Time

Life continues to fly by at a breakneck pace.  It's already Thanksgiving, and I haven't put away the Halloween decorations yet!  This month we've celebrated both of my girls birthdays (they are 11 and 14 now!!), welcomed my husband back from a lengthy trip to China, re-started piano lessons and some other things that were put on hold because of our participation in a musical and have put a focus on cooking together and spending time a a family.  It's been a lovely fall, and I've been so happy and at peace in our safe, comfortable home.  Life is good, no matter how crazy and stressful it gets.  There is so much to be thankful for.

I have made some time, fairly frequently, for sewing, but it's usually only thirty minutes at a time.  A little is better than nothing, however, and even half an hour goes a long way toward helping me maintain that peaceful, easy feeling!

Early this month, I spent a few very happy hours creating a cute little Autumn mug rug to send to my Quilty Pen Pal, Rose.  We had decided to swap rugs AND mugs this month, and, as she always does, she spoiled me with some wonderful extras when she sent mine!

How perfect is that Happier When I'm Quilting mug???

I started Rose's mug with some scrappy orange strips, angled off at the corners with stitch and flip HST's.  Then I added some rick rack vines and applique stems.

A quick binding and some simple quilting finished it off.

The mug I sent to my pal is a one of a kind!.  My daughter and I spent an afternoon at a paint your own pottery place, and this is what I painted!   It was fun to play with colors and stamps, and it turned out pretty much exactly as I hoped it would!

Now, I'm working on adding on to a round robin project that Rose and I have had going on for a while.  I made the center Swoon block, and Rose added a beautiful border which highlighted the angles in the original block.

I am bringing back the light aqua from the center, and adding still more angles and HST's.

  I enjoyed sketching out my ideas and figuring out what would work.

My quilt math is a little shaky, however, and my border is coming out a bit wonky.  But, truely, I'm not going for perfection here.  This project is about color and my favorite fabrics and sharing something fun with a long distance "sew-l sister".

When I finish this round, it will go back to Rose for what I think will be the final addition.  I want to keep this mini, so it can hang on my sewing room wall.

As I sew, I'm making more HST's for my Hello Fall quilt.  Unfortunately, I had to buy more of the background solid, and I can't find an exact match.  The Kona "bone" is a few shades creamier than it was when I bought the original yardage.  I am hoping that the variation in color will just come across as scrappy.  I'm looking forward to having enough squares to get this quilt put together soon!

It won't be TOO soon, though, as we are heading out after school today on a little family road trip!  We've decided to break with tradition and travel to St. Louis instead of trying to cram in several extended family dinners this year.  It will be just the four of us, and I can't wait!  I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and peace and happiness if you don't.  There is so much to be thankful for! We just have to find it.

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  2. Love your choice for the next border. The aqua is really pretty. Cute mug rug too! Have fun in St. Louis!