Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Back From Vacation

Last week my family enjoyed some time in Mexico with my husband's parents, siblings and their families.  All 15 of us went to Cabo San Lucas!  I didn't get any sewing done, but I did get lots of quilty inspiration, and some pictures which I plan to enlarge and put up in my sewing room when it gets re-done later this Spring!  How awesome are these two for sewing room decor? A little re-sizing and editing, and voila!  Instant art with personal memories attached!

This old Singer was found at a Cultural History Museum in Todos Santos.  
This lovely basket of spindles was spotted under a loom at a Blanket Factory
we visited on the way to Todos Santos.

Todos Santos is an interesting place.  It's the home of the Hotel California, debate-ably the inspiration for the Eagles song.  Whether or not the building actually has anything to do with the song, we certainly heard - and sang -  the song often on the day we visited.  We had a wonderful tour guide took us to some beautiful off the beaten path places.  My girls both loved the Blanket Factory, and they were invited to operate the loom for a bit.  Both of them picked this as a favorite event for the whole trip!

Even this picture of the sign for the factory would make a lovely print, wouldn't it?  LOVE the blue of that sky!

I got plenty of inspiration from the colors and patterns.  There was something to look at everywhere!

I have to sketch it out, but I think this could be done with HST's.
This motif was all over the resort where we stayed.  It caught my eye every single time!
It will be a great border, someday!

This was floor tile, but looked like a fun log cabin lay out to me!

Since we've been back, I HAVE done some sewing, and I am very close to having a finish to share.  I'm going to take advantage of an early release day and and empty school library to do a little photo shoot tomorrow, and then I'll post pictures.  Meanwhile, a few more of my favorite shots from the trip...

I just love this shot of my youngest daughter.  Her hat, the shoes in hand, her shadow AND reflection, and the movement of the waves.  This one will be enlarged and framed, too!

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  1. Wow! Your shots are amazing, and yes I totally agree how the tile work could be a boarder some day. The one that is similar to a log cabin is fun too, as it is a definite twist on a log cabin. Can't wait to see what your trip inspires you to make!