Monday, July 14, 2014

Pattern Test and a Finish!

This is an "old" finish.  Well, a couple of weeks old, anyway.  Waaaaaaay back in the spring a friend from high school was looking for a few people to test out a pattern she had just written.  She is a talented artist and quilter who blogs at Artfully Sew.  She also has an Etsy Shop by the same name.

Shortly before she posted that she was looking for pattern testers, I had been thinking that it might be fun to BE a tester.  If nothing else, it might give me a reason to commit to sewing "schedule" which I am not good at.  I guess I need deadlines in order to get things done, even things that are fun.  I'm not sure what that says about me, but it's probably not good.  *Sigh.

So, I volunteered to test the pattern for her.  Poor girl, she probably regretted asking me!  I had every intention of getting feedback to her RIGHT AWAY, but as it often does, LIFE happened and stuff got in the way.  I did send her some feedback as I was halfway through, and then again at the end, and I sincerely hope it was helpful.  It will be exciting to see the pattern become available in her shop, knowing that I had a bit to do with it!

It was a fun project: A mini quilt wall hanging to customize.  I have never done machine applique before, and this was just the right sized project to start with.  I wouldn't hesitate to try it again!  What fun!  And the embroidery!  Oh, the embroidery!  I had not embroidered since I was a teenager, when I did it ALL the time.  I had forgotten how much I loved it.  My stitching is not perfect, nor is my spacing of the letters.  That was the hardest part for me, actually.  But, I think it came out pretty cute.  Take a look

The recipients are my niece and her husband who became proud homeowners earlier this year.  (I should maybe blur the address, but I don't know how.  Sorry, Jen.)

Looking at this picture, now, the letters look REALLY uneven.  I don't think they actually looked that bad.  Must be the way it's hanging, or something, right?  Right?

Ah, well.  We'll just call it folksy.  I told the recipient that she did not need to feel obligated to put it up in her home.  I'm not sure its her style, and she didn't request it.  I have certainly been on the "getting" end of things people thought I just HAD to have, that I really didn't care for.  And I know that hand made items aren't everybody's cup of tea.  She kinda got it by default because I don't know anyone else who was in need of a housewarming gift. 

I do hope she likes it, though.  It's always fun to give things people enjoy.

Be sure to check out my friend Angie at blog and Etsy store!

 - Tami


  1. hi, thanks for reading my blog! I still feel like a new blogger because I often can't figure out how to do it! Little by little people will find you but it takes a while. Keep posting. I like to read about the whole person, maybe that's not the norm but I like a well rounded blog where I can learn about the whole person. For me it's quilting, painting, poodles, trips and books. For you??
    The little pin cushion pattern is good for a quick project if you are sitting at the hospital. Only takes 8 hexies.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    not afraid of color

    1. Hi LeeAnna! Thanks for stopping by. I took a little (forced) break from blogging and forgot that I wanted to reply to your nice comment. I do feel like I am figuring out how to make my blog more "me", little by little and I am sure if I can manage to keep it up, and keep commenting and linking, others will find me! Sometimes it's just a challenge to fit in the time to do all of that, especially when the "tech" stuff intimidates me. I agree with you, I like to read a bit about the blogger's "real" life. For me: being mom, reading, cooking, quilting and working at a job I LOVE. I am going to add your blog to my blog list, since I just figured out HOW to do that today! I look forward to reading more about you!

  2. So adorable and what a wonderful housewarming gift. Also welcome to're going to find it offers a wonderful, supportive community! THanks for sharing this under our embroidery theme at Tuesday Archives. :)

    1. Hi Val! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! It's so exciting to get comments. (I wonder if I'll ever get over that?) The recipient of the mini quilt loved it, and I was worried she wouldn't. But she did, so yaaay! I do love the blogging community already! So. Much. Fun!!